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Scope of Service at Technical Assistance

  • Slow speed of printing
  • Installation of proper software and driver for your printer machine
  • Give test page and confirm working on your printer device before ending the conversation over phone or email
  • Setting up of your printer device along with other devices like fax machine, scanner, and Photo Copy
  • Setting up the device over the network so that it can be a shared resource for all the users
  • Resolving any or all printing problems and providing the best resolution
  • Connecting wireless printer
  • Printer troubleshoot
  • Bad printer quality

Printer Support for all brands and models

Our certified and experienced technical experts have great understanding of the functionalities, configuration, and installation of any Printer model. At PCTeknicians Global Corp, we can make that your new machine will be functional for you in just no time. All you need is to call one of our representatives and you just sit back and relax while we work on your computer. Our experts are capable of troubleshooting any Printer or Printing related problems. Under the supervision of highly skilled professionals, we at our company make sure that your machine is properly connected to your desktop/laptop computer for efficient usage. Remember, if your device is equipped with the networking capabilities then our technicians will also configure it on your personal network so that all the computer systems and users can make use of it from their desks. While, on the contrary, even if your printer device doesn’t have networking capabilities we still can hook up your machine to the network so that all computers can use it.