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Support for Windows 7, Vista, XP

Secure the highest level of technology support services for the Windows 7, Vista and XP by our computer assistance team, who has the knowledge, experience and the skill to tackle the trickiest of issues or problems. Effortlessly. Yes, our computer assistance team is well versed at troubleshooting problems you may face while operating the windows powered by Microsoft, which facilitate the functioning of a computer system. While it is one of the best programs that allow you to organize and direct the system to perform a task in a controllable manner, it can also hamper your work in case of any error or halt in the operating system. So to not let it impact your business, we provide an integrated support service for the same. At PCTeknicians Global Corp, we diagnose the trouble, provide resolution and support for general and specific requirements, fix errors and tweak the system in a least possible time and cost without compromising on the quality of our deliverables.

Install, repair, update & configuration

At PCTeknicians Global Corp, we also do fresh installation of windows, repair or format corrupt windows, update old windows and configure latest and new version and as well customize windows to make it compatible with your business process. Any operating system suffers a breakdown occasionally and needs repair or an update to restore your windows every time. And there can be several known and known reasons for it. So a fresh installation can be cumbersome when there is significant business and personal data to be saved. That is why, at PCTeknicians Global Corp, we’ve found a way to repair corrupt windows without any loss to your important files. We are technically empowered to perform fresh installation or update windows on your system remotely keeping all the programs intact while you continue to work on the system. And we are economical. Hence, there is no need to fiddle with your system manually and do more damage to it.

Virus & Malware

Is the speed of your operating system slower than usual lately? Does the time to upload or download files lower your productivity? Or does your system hang or falter while you’re in the middle of an important task? And those persistent pop-ups on the screen never fail to hinder your work process, right? Well, all of your problems are a cause of virus your system might be affected with. So there is no need to compromise on the work flow. Fix all such issues with the help of antivirus software designed to remove virus, spyware or any kind of malware without impacting your system or any loss to data. At PCTeknicians Global Corp, we are expert at removing the virus and fixing bugs, if any, with ease. Contact us and operate in a safe and protective environment.

PC Optimization

Optimize your windows for better performance by availing our services that enable you to speed up your computer system and function faster. Sometimes, despite having a high-speed Internet or the best processor or virus-free system, you may be struggling with the low-speed operating system. Don’t let it affect your productivity and let us improve the speed and response time by either optimizing the hard drive space or cleaning your system and removing unnecessary software programs and files while ensuring that you are using the updated operating system. Technology was meant to improve your work process and not downgrade it. There is no need to compromise on the speed of your operating system when we, at PCTeknicians Global Corp, are here to resolve all the OS related issues and give you a product that you intended to buy.

Data Backup

This may be the last thing on your priority list but having a data backup on an external drive or application will save you all your important data in the event of system failure or malfunctioning of the operating system (OS) or theft or other reasons. Archiving your data allows you to restore your files and folders remotely and safely. Your data, whether personal or business, can be in the form of pictures, files, videos or other electronic format. Our data backup service is completely secure and maintains the secrecy of files. At PCTeknicians Global Corp, we provide you an online space that accessible to you only. This way you can also store your private files without having to worry about its loss or leakage.